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Linn Health & Rehabilitation Announces Launch of The Aldersbridge Navigator

The Aldersbridge Navigator is a community-based care management project helping those in need find the way to better health.

The Aldersbridge Navigator was developed to provide comprehensive, coordinated services to enroll, screen, educate, communicate, monitor, and refer elderly Rhode Island residents to the right community and professional services at the right time. This ambitious, innovative approach is being developed at Linn Health & Rehabilitation Center of East Providence with support from its parent non-profit organization, Aldersbridge Communities.

Elders will enroll in this program and be linked with a community network of social services and other needs such as handyman or errand services. It will be staffed by a care manager who can monitor the health status of enrollees, including those discharged back home following successful care and treatment at Linn Health & Rehabilitation. “We recognize that people want to stay in their homes for as long as possible, and they just need the right support. Sometimes it’s as simple as getting groceries or help to shovel snow. But it can also be ensuring their diet is nutritious and not deficient in some way to cause or trigger an acute illness, or making sure the medications they are taking don’t cause an averse reaction to land them in the Emergency Room,” explains Gamache. “The Navigator Program can help reduce Medicare and Medicaid costs by eliminating unnecessary hospitalizations, and can delay or even prevent relocation to a nursing home or other congregate care setting,” explains Gamache. “It can serve as a national model for pre-emptive care.”

Our Vision: All older individuals have access to exactly what they need to be healthy and comfortable at home, and their families also experience this security.

Our Mission: To enhance the seven (7) domains of well-being* among those being served through information, education, guidance and access to health and social services.

Our Values: Regardless of their current or past circumstances, every person will:

  • Improve well-being and health security

  • Have access to healthcare

  • Live where they prefer, to the extent that their safety, and the safety of others allows

  • Understand how to keep themselves healthy, to the best of their abilities

  • Know about local social network options

  • Know when and how to access urgent care

*Identity, Connectedness, Security, Autonomy, Meaning, Growth, Joy

For Seniors, Their Families, and Friends

The Aldersbridge Health Navigator helps seniors live safely and comfortably in their own homes. We work with all of the providers in the community, including doctors, hospitals, nursing homes, human service agencies, and others to make sure that you get what you need, as efficiently and inexpensively as possible.

For Providers

The Aldersbridge Navigator is a professional education and referral resource for the community. We are a collaborative resource focused on the needs of some of the most vulnerable seniors in the community. The Aldersbridge Navigator strives to connect seniors with the medical, healthcare, and community-based services that will keep them as healthy as possible for as long as possible.

For Insurers

The Aldersbridge Navigator is able to improve outcomes, quality of life, and satisfaction among beneficiaries, as well as measurably reducing unnecessary, expensive medical events and episodes among the most vulnerable, high-frequency users of medical and behavioral health services. Through our high-touch, high-tech community-based approach, the Aldersbridge Navigator is in a unique position to identify risk before it spirals out of control.


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