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For Insurers 

The Aldersbridge Navigator is highly focused on reducing risk for unnecessary, high-cost medical events and episodes. For example:

  • Polypharmacy, and/or poor therapeutic adherence is responsible for up to 50% of unnecessary admissions/readmissions. The Aldersbridge Health Navigator can improve adherence and identify potential untoward drug interactions in advance.

  • Falls are often life-changing events for seniors in the community. The Aldersbridge Navigator can identify individuals at risk and address these issues in advance. Too often, emergency rooms are used as primary care centers by elderly, at risk individuals because they simply don’t know whom to call or where else to go. The Aldersbridge Navigator provides education, prompts, and access to socially needed services for both the individual and their friends and family.

  • In this highly fragmented system of medical, healthcare and community services, it’s no wonder that seniors, their friends and family don’t know what to do! The Aldersbridge Navigator is able to improve outcomes, quality of life, and satisfaction among beneficiaries, as well as measurably reducing unnecessary, expensive medical events and episodes among the most vulnerable, high-frequency users of medical and behavioral health services.

  • Through our personal high-touch approach, coupled with high-tech communications, the Aldersbridge Navigator is in a unique position to identify risk before it spirals out of control.

We can help to reduce risk among your most vulnerable seniors with multiple comorbidities.

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