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Testimonial from an Aldersbridge Navigator Client

"I am writing in reference to Kathy Shatraw.

The day that I was given her contact information was the day that changed the trajectory of my mother’s care and safety.

Kathy’s professionalism, knowledge, kindness and compassion was obvious from the first phone call.

Kathy assessed my mother on May 19th and realized exactly what my mother needed. The day after the assessment, Kathy was in constant contact with me. She was telling me exactly what she was doing and asking for my input every step of the way.

Kathy was able to accomplish in two weeks, what no one else could do in the previous 15 months. Which was to get my mother in a safe place with the care she desperately needed.

It’s been almost a week and my mother is thriving. She’s gaining weight, she’s happy, she told me yesterday that she wants to live there, she’s participating in activities and loves her roommate. Most importantly she’s safe!

At the beginning of this letter, I stated how Kathy changed my mother’s life. She also changed mine, because of her I am sleeping again and I’m not consumed with constant worry.

Thank you for having a wonderful person like Kathy on your staff!"

Sherrie Neal


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